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I'm entering the void.

The space in life where I'm unsure of what's next.

School and University are all behind.

My first proper job as an actor is over and now I face the rest of my life.

It's a scary time, but it's a wonderfully exciting one too.

Commissions are coming in thick and fast.

It helps pay the bills (and my debt).

Commissions are never as fun as just drawing for me.

But, that comes with it I guess.

being Artistic.
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I am finally updating after being radio silent for a long time.

University has been crazy for me lately as it's my final year of acting so I am only able to draw in my spare time. But I am loving drawing as an escape in that spare time and I will continue to sumbit art as much as possible.

That includes my journal, stay tuned. :D
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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 3, 2010, 2:56 AM


So my best friend and I watch LOST every week and we have a huge discussion about it afterwards as we try and piece all new information together with old I thought I'd share some of our theories quickly for you to agree/disagree/discuss. :D

Theory 1: Kwon Candidate = Ji Yeon.

This is due to Jacob visiting both of them together, wishing them happiness together. They were brought to the island so that Jin would no longer be sterile and they could consieve the canditate together... Thought?

Theory 2: Claire is crazy.

Less a theory. More of an observation.

Theory 3: Paik is bigger that we think

Jin being in that freezer makes me feel as though he made the HUGE mistake to trying to take on Keamy. Jin may be badass, but he's not that badass. And I wonder whether Keamy still works for Widmore in the alternate life place thing. If so, then Perhaps Paik and Widmore are in oposition which reminds me of when Sun approached Widmore and was all, "Paik wants to talk to you"....hmmmmmm

Theory 4: Jack's son's mother is Libby

Theory...or desperate hope? That boy kind of looked like Libby... and just the phrasing of "I know she's out of town" or words to that effect suggests a conference type thing....and Libby being a psychologist would attend such conferences... Although...Juliet and her anti-cancer baby maker skills would also see her away at confrences......

Theory 5: Kate has served her purpose.

Okay Kate, we get it. You're a fugetive that makes a lot of bad decisions. You're not a candidate. Claire has personal issue with you and your presence and Flocke looks at you like you're an annoying tag along who can come or won't change much.


Awesome "LOST" Art

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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 3, 2010, 6:16 PM

-- Spoiler Gap.....BEGIN! --

Plane's possible nothing is different. Locke's lying about the walkabout and no one but Jack saw Desmond. Boone didn't say shannon that didn't come with him, he just said "i went to get her, she didn't want to come, and now here I am" with an empty seat between himself and froghurt. Personally I don;t think Shannon is on the plane, but anything can happen. And we never saw Claire on the plane, but she was on it as is seen when she's in the cab.

ALSO, I think it's the good old "sliding doors" effect, you know - that Gweneth Paltrow movie.

This is going to get all confusing......soooooo I hope I explain it right. But in season 5 Miles made it very clear that What happened, happened and that they could not change their past. By setting the bomb off, they don't change THEIR past persay, they just correct their place in time and find themselves still on the island. The bomb going off and, I'm guessing, causing the island to sink, therefore changes the future path for their other younger or yet-to-be-born selves. Like....sawyer said he could go and talk to himself as a child in the 70s, so 2 Sawyers exist on the earth at the same time.... the explosion does not alter Island Sawyer's path, but changes the path of young sawyer.

Also the island sinking and the hatch not existing in Bomb-Parallel-Life, means no unlucky numbers, Hurley is just happy-go-lucky Hurley times a hundred who would probably openly admit to Hearting Schitzus.

I wonder whether things cross between the the coffin and possibly Jack's pen....I was unsure whether the pen Kate had was Jack's, there was that whole "I AM SUBTLEY BUMPING INTO YOU" moment near the toilets. In hindsight, i think perhaps the "the was a pen in my jacket but it's gone, so I can't perform this emergency trachiotemy" was to make us as an audience go "BOONE TOOK IT FROM YOU ON THE ISLAND TO PERFORM AN EMERGENCY TRACHIOTEMY!!!!" which is exactly what I did. J.J. how you love to mislead! :D

Nice to see the temple people! I never even imagined that there was sort of...a whole other group on the island. Clique central.

It was established that dead people are the black smoke. Jacob had said in the Ank letter that it would not be good if Sayid died. But dead Jacob (i'm guessing smokey) told Hurley to "heal sayid" at the temple. So Sayid drowns in the crazy pool of non transparency. I'm unsure if Smokey is all "I TAKE OVER YO BODY FOO'!" or if Sayid is all "I have LOST, my innocence." and subsequently kills everyone in kitchen appliance related bad-assery.

In Juliet's scene....she starts the conversation by saying that the bomb didn't work and she's mega boo-hooed about the whole thing. Then as she approaches death, she tries to tell James that it did work. Perhaps her dying on the island let her glimpse her parrallel history of assimilate into it.

And My last point of OMGness until I remember more, I read someone's theory that Richard was a slave on the Black Rock and was the last surviver of the last LIGHT/DARK war and now serves Jacob, the victor(?). So Smokey saying "nice to see you out of those chains" could reference his time on the Black Rock, or his metaphorical chains of light..(sounds cornier when I type it).. to Jacob's biding.

And my friend said that the carpet that Flocke cut and wiped the knife on was in "Jacob"'s cabin before they burnt it to the ground....possible time loop opportunities approaching? I believe so. :D

And ultimately - Dharma Shark you are my liiiiiiiiiife. :D

Awesome "LOST" Art

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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 17, 2010, 12:46 AM

So after reading :iconspookybelle:'s journal about lost predictions I was inspired to do a mental dump of LOSTNESSSSSSS.

SO last week by two bestust friends and I hired out season 5 for a LOST MARATHON of epic proportions. First of all, how crazy amazing are the DVD title menus! I think they're amazing. The best, for those unfamiliar with the title menus, sees Locke, lying under the menu options, in the desert after fixing the island in time and then the peoples come and take him away in their ute...and the menu never resets, so he's just gone. And then on the on last disk, once you've watched the final moment go BOMB-WHITE, and return to the main menu, after a few seconds the menu explodes and the titles hang suspended in white space. It's pretty darn gasmic.

Now I forgot just how epic this season was. My understanding of the main LOSTness storyline, is that every story has two sides, one light, one dark. Now I came to this conclusion after Ep. 4 - Walkabout. But now it has a bit more weight to it. So Jacob is like the light and Mr. X (who shall from here-on-in be referred to as Black Beardy Man or BBM for short) is the dark. There was a point that I thought Black Beardy man was Smokey himself. But after rewatching S5 I have rethought this conclusion. The reason I thought it was lies NOT in the shadow of the statue but under the temple when smokey was all bad ass and reflective and then Alix appeared in all her TRUST LOCKE glory. I thought she came out of the smoke, but on the rewatch I realised smokey gets the hell outta der before fake Alic rolls on in. So I believe that Black beardy man is all of de deadz pplz. This draws a very strong parrallel to the final season of Buffy, where the First was able to appear as any dead person to try and manipulate Buffy and the Scoobies.

Upon having his chest penetrated by Ben's uber-knife, Jacob spouts, "I guess you found your loophole". So gets me thinking, either your all loopholey because you can manipulate the living using the dead (how very devilish..) or because it was Locke's image he was using. Because we've seen a lot of the dead return, but Locke was semingly "brought back to life" by Jacob when he fell to his contantly referred to should-be-dead-but-am-not death. So Hurley is being manipulated by BBM, Jack saw BBM at the beginning and off the island, Claire is still being manipulated by BBM, Micheal was guided by BBM, Locke was manipulated by BBM into dying so that BBM could become Alix and manipulate Ben into following everything Locke (BBM) says and thus, killeth thou Jacob. Coz it seems that Jacob and Black Beardy Man can't physically hurt each other themselves.. and have been fightering for agez, using the Black Rockians many many years ago. Makes me wonder, if this was the case, is anyone else dead already? Like...Sayid died in the crash or Sun fell off a cliff or something. It seems to me that BBM tried to use people in life/death limbo to hurt Kate. Her dad's spirit controlled Mars and Sawyer when they were seemingly on their death beds... Perhaps he had planned to use Kate to carry out his plan, but later found that Locke had more connections and was MUCH more badass. Also, More Nikki and Paulo? They were buried alive, because Nikki was also paralyzed by the spiders that appeared to be sent by Smokey. (Also, while of think of it, This is the same thing that happened to the Psychic's daughter yes? And Mr. Eko listens to that tape and she wakes up during her autopsy? They thought she was dead after falling in the river.... My spider sense is tingling.)

I've seen a few people say JACOB IS EVULZ! But all I've seen him do is give people a choice and try to teach subtle lessons. Yeah he let Nadia die, but he saved Sayid. And isn't that a biblical thing or something, we are given the choice which is good and such?

I've probably slaughtered my understanding as I tranposed from mind to page, so if it doesn't make sense, feel free to question.


- Juliet is not I love her and she will live forever...
- Charlotte will come back and have awkward red headed babies with Faraday...who must also be back.
- I think that some sort of reset will happen. Perhaps they remember everything? It seems that there is enough potential for them to remember or something like that, with Jacob having visited several of the characters, possibly more or all of them. Suggests that they were always destined to be in the battle? So perhaps even without the electromagneticness they'll crash? What happened, happened. And so the first time around, the hatch was being built, the incident occured, the hatch was finished and the electromagneticness was contained (or so we gather). Perhaps now the hatch was being built, the incident occured, everything went BOMB-WHITE, the hatch was not finished and electromagnetism runs rampant every 108 minutes and the plane crashes anyway, but the island is triple horrific.
- Some sort of pissed-off giraffe will make an appearance.
- Hurley will provide more one-liners.
- Sayid will kill more people with household objects.
- Jack will tell more poor-me stories and yes, he'll cry about them.
- Claire will be LOST's version of Willow's Buffy and Charmed's Phoebe. She'll go all badass but not understand how it's wrong and uber evuls.
- Shannon and Boone will be all "Hey guys! What did we miss? :D"
- Smokey is not the security system... Smokey's infection or BBM told Danielle it was the temple's security system to make her feel safe about going their. Of then Smokey/BBM f*cked it up but pulling a gun on her.
- Jack will have more showers and they will be shown for no story serving reason what-so-ever.
- LOST will end and I will cry.

I am sure I have more predictions...but just can't think of them at the moment... Perhaps I will post them later. :)

I am ever so interested to read what you all have to say about this! Let the discussions BEGIN!


Awesome "LOST" Art

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Gummy-Fish 2.0: The Asterix Chronicals

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2009, 5:40 AM

While showing mum my latest picture online she asked how much it is for a subscription.

We had a quick look, noticed it was half price, and cheap anyway, and mum was all, "well you fill in the form, I'll get my credit card." Can anyone say BOO-YAH!?

It's pretty exciting. :) It's odd without ads cluttering my devart!

On another great note, I am on Uni holidays - the big summer break - so that means heaps more art. I'm looking at creating more depth, as well as getting my shadows and backgrounds up to scratch. More hand practice will fill in this time too.

Heaps more to come, and I will be sure to annoy everyone with more and more journals to come. :D


Awesome "The Office" Art

The Office by cool-slayer Life in The Office by Buuya:thumb59214964::thumb49466980:

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MEGA MEOW! "Okay Luke, what's with all the mewing?" You may be saying. Weeeeeellll, I gots into the musicla production of Cats. :"D YAY! I am Alonzo, in the chorus and am understudy for Rum Tug Tugger, if that means anything to anyone out there. =) While this is wicked sick and I am loving it, I now have next to no time for anything. I have uni from practically 9am - 6pm every weekday, then rehearsals for cats all weekend and on some weeknights and sometimes it just seems like my life is a blender full of rehearsal shake or uni smoothie. Yum right? Sort of, but there is a distinct after taste of lathargic behaviour. But you can expect some cat art to come pouring out my brain soon enough.

ALSO, saw Coraline the other day. I absolutely LOVED it. Thought it was amazing and the colours and the style used was brilliant. I must see it again and again and again and then buy the dvd and watch it for all eternity. BUTTON POWER!!!

I am missing LOST like crazy...and have taken to filling my spare time with Weeds, Trueblood, Dead Like Me, The Simpsons, The Office and Arrested Development.

Oh, and if anyone out there has facebook, let me know! and we can friends! I only have CrazyHobbitGirl at present, and I could always do with more FB friends. =P (although CrazyHobbitGirl is pretty darn awesome)

Regards and Devart :heart:,

:iconphillippeaux: :D :dance:

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Okay, So HUGE apologies for my absolute slackness when it comes to the LOST images, one per day for every day of Juuuuuuuuune. So I started late, turned out 4 images, then dropped off the radar.


Well I promise you, what is slackness towards my art is the opposite towards my uni work.

June means exam and assignment month at my uni. So the LOSTathon could not have been heald at a worse time.

So to make up for my slackness, How about I make July my LOSTy a day month! With a 4 day gap in the middle or something for the ones I've already done:

June 13 - Young Ben…
June 14 - Alex…
June 15 - Charlie…
June 16 - Teen Miles…

So if this sounds good, give me a holla! And if there is anyone you desperately want me to draw towards the beginning, let me know and I will try to make it happen.


P.S. While writing this journal I got a phone call to do my first commisioned work. :D This work will span over the first 2 weeks of there is a large chance I will get slack about LOST again, but I sincerely hope that this is not the case.

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I always forget that I can write a journal about anything I so choose, it doesn't necessarily have to be about art or art related things. SILLY LUKE! (<---that's my case you were previously unawares)

I have been rather busy of late and often find myself unable to devote as much of my time as I would like to my art. Luckily the Uni holidays have just begun!! FIESTA TYME GRRRL! AiGHT!? I'm so gangsta right now.

And although it's holidays I have an assignment. Just. Great. "That's RIDICULOUS!" I hear you shout from the stalls. I know right! So I have to  spend a large portion of my holidays explaining why Oedipus the King is responsible for his own downfall. Sounds fun hey.

On a final note.. WHO HAS FACEBOOK!? Hopefully everyone... *looks at you forcefully* My facebook namey name is Luke Phillippeaux. So addith me with a small devart related note if you so desires. My profile pic is myself dressed up as Odlaw for the Where's Wally party I attended last week where I won best dressed. :D :D :D

DevArt :heart to all, Luuuuke. :D

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Well my activity on DeviantArt as greatly depleated over the past two weeks. Although I still check my account each day and reply to those who contact me, I have had little time to produce new art or write a journal entry or do anything other than get comfortable in my new environment.

I am now FINALLY set up in my college dorm room and life is great. Uni o-week/week 1 are now over and I should be able to find lots more time that I shall dedicate to art learnarisation and skill develeopment. For those who don't know and care [pfft, as if you do =P] I study acting. So I spend my weeks pretending and lying in the hopes that I will get so good as it I can swindle money from movie goers without ever being questioned about my intentions. Class had been EXTREMELY interesting. For one lecture we have to read this essay on why Disney movies may not be good for our children ("our children" being a general term that in no way suggests that You, the reader, and I, the writer, have love-children hidden away somewhere that miraculously, neither o us know about). My lecturer said that the essay explains how The Little Mermaid is obsessed with the male appendage and covers just how racist Aladdin really is. There may be some inuendo disney art surfacing after I actually read the essay. :D

AND finally, my birthday was around 2 weeks ago and I gots me a shiny shiny tablet!!! :D :dance: I'm still learning everything it can do and how to use it properly but art should be completed quicker once I grasp the fundamentals. :D If anyone has any tablet tips feel more than free, as I shan't be paying you, to share them.

Much devart :heart: to you all!

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LEARNARISATION! My self coined term for my current ongoing state of drawing. Every now and then I realise that everything just isn't working. Examples of this are the horrendous second eye I cannot correct, the displaced nose that crushes my nose-drawing-spirit or the rubber that seems to smudge rather than do it job. As soon as I remind myself that I have to keep constantly learning, rather than running forward with a blindfold obscuring my sense of direction. But when I realise this, it just works. And it's extremely nice when it does just that. :D

Where I live, it has been raining non-stop for about three weeks. This is a very odd occerance, as although all the housing pamphlets will tell you that showers are experienced each and every year during the months of December, January and February - this is a blatant lie. I personally love the rain and am not complaining about the constant overcast days or the buckets of water cascading over my house.

Also my birthday is in three weeks tomorrow!!! I have hinted that I would quite like a tablet, but it is unknown whether this magical tool of the art trade will become mine or not. Time will tell.
Wow. So I have been indulging in a lot of art as of recent. My own and others. The main reason to this is that the majorly life stopping stressful period of time (known as first year uni) is over! :D

So a lot more art can be expected from me over the next few months. Each time I try to steer clear of an afternoon of drawing I find myself hunched over my sketchbook, pacer poised at the the ready, brow deeply furrowed in thought in the bowels of my den-ish room. IT'S FANTASTIC!
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